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1. Open careerhosting.com and log in from the Admin link at the bottom of the page, using the client’s login name and password. From the Administrator control panel, click on Enter Portfolio Content. The Client Portfolio Editing screen opens.

2. From the list of pages, click on the page which you want to enter content for.

3. Scroll down to the editing window. Copy the text from the content document. To paste the text into the editing window, press Cntl+V on your keyboard (the Paste command).

4. If a dialog box opens asking “Do you want to allow this web page to access your clipboard?” click on "Allow access."

5. A dialog box opens saying, “The text you want to paste seems to be copied from Word. Do you want to clean it before pasting?" Click OK.

6. A "Paste from Word" dialog box appears. Click and paste the text into the center white area of this box. Make sure both check boxes in lower left hand corner are checked. Press the OK button.

7. The text populates in the editing window. Press the "Submit [page name] Edits" button in the editor to save the text.

8. Repeat steps 2-7 or each page in the portfolio. Fill in the content for each of the pages in turn, clicking the "Submit [page name] Edits" button for each page.

9. When you have finished entering the content for all the pages, click on the green "Activate" button.

10. The portfolio is built and a list of the built pages is displayed.

11. The client’s portfolio can be viewed at any time by clicking on the View Your Client's Portfolio link from the admin control panel.


12. At the bottom of the page list, there are two links which enable you to upload the sidebar text for models 3, 4 and 6. Click the Edit link to enter sidebar text.


13. Underneath the sidebar upload links at the bottom of the page list, there are two links entitles "Upload Flash Movie for Proficiencies Page" and "Upload Flash Movie for Results Page." Clicking these links opens a dialog box which enables you to upload the Proficiencies Flash movie and Results graph Flash movie (if any). Download these first files from workflow onto your desktop, and then browse for them from the dialog box. Click on the ‘Submit Movie File’ button to upload them into the system. The client’s Proficiencies movie must be named ‘artifact1.swf’. The client’s graph must be named ‘artifact2.swf’


14. The resume is uploaded through the Upload Resume menu tab or the ‘Upload a new resume’ area on the control panel home page under Basic Editing. The document must be named ‘resume.pdf’. Download the client’s resume from workflow to your desktop, browse for it from the editor, and click on the ‘Submit Resume File’ button.

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