Portfolio editing:

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Editing FAQ:

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Frequently Asked Questions...
  Editing pages
  Q: I pressed "Edit" under the Action column and nothing happened.
  A: Scroll down to the bottom of this screen to view the portfolio page editing window.
  Q: I entered my edits but they were not saved.
  A: Press the "Submit Portfolio Edits" button at the top of the screen to save your edits.
  Q: I saved my edits but they do not appear in my portfolio.
  A: Press the green "Activate" button to publish your work to the web.
  Q: I pressed the green "Activate" button but my edits still do not appear in my portfolio.
  A: Press your browser's "Refresh" button to view the new page in your portfolio.
  Q: What font styles are supported?
  A: The portfolio models use Verdana text.
  Q: I can't insert a space between bulleted paragraphs.
  A: To insert a space between bulleted paragraphs, hit Enter twice while holding down the Shift Key
  Q: I can't seem to control the font size, font style, centering or spacing.
  A: You should only paste text into the editor which is in Verdana font.
  Q: I can't paste text into the portfolio editing window.
  A: Press "Tools" on your browser menu, then "Pop Up Blocker", then "Turn Off Pop Up Blocker."
  Adding or removing pages
  Q: I checked off the new page I wanted but it did not appear in my portfolio.
  A: Press the "Submit Portfolio Edits" button at the top of the checklist.
  Q: I pressed the update button and got a readout – now what?
  A: Use the navigation bar at the top of the page.
  Q: The page I added does not appear in my portfolios menu bar.
  A: Press the Refresh button on your browser.
  Q: The page I added is blank.
  A: Add content by editing the page. (Select "Change a page" from your control panel.)
  Updating resume
  Q: My new resume did not upload.
  A: The resume must be named resume.pdf.
  Q: How do I convert a Word document to a pdf?
  A: Use Adobe Acrobat.
  Q: Why can’t I upload a Word resume?
  A: Downloadable pdf resumes represent best practices in portfolio design because they provide superior legibility and identity protection.
  Q: I inadvertently deleted a page. How do I get it back?
  A: Re-check the page box on the portfolio builder and re-build. The page will reappear.
  Q: How do I upload images?
  A: Instructions for uploading images are here.