VP of IT / Applications Development
Technical Strategic Planning & Direction / Business Continuity
Capacity Planning / Mainframe Applications / Risk Management
Enterprise System Infrastructure / Cost Control & Reduction
Continuous Process Improvement / Data Center Operations

As a strategic technical partner and AVP, Mr. Mark Hernandez provided both strategic and tactical direction for all Enterprise server applications in his global division with JPMorgan Chase, delivering millions in cost savings and charge back billings, and significantly reducing execution time in operating systems, storage management, performance tuning, capacity planning, and demand management.

Other strengths he brings to the table are in business continuity and capacity planning, cost control and reduction, data center operations and continuous process improvements. He is experienced in project and change management, risk management, software customization and systems applications, testing and training.

Resolving software issues that caused missed service level agreements with Asia and Europe, Mark saved $1.5M in CPU usage and chargeback, plus one hour of processing each night. He identified and solved excessive batch processing time, reducing the execution period 75%; spearheaded the tech support move from New York to Dallas, reducing FTE expenses 20%; and reduced the cost of operations, DASD and tape by migration to SMS and FDR logical backups, saving $16M in charge back billing.

A highly competitive operations-oriented leader, Mark gets things done quickly and correctly. He is an astute problem-solver, troubleshooting and resolving issues rapidly. His peers would tell you that he consistently finds new alternatives, easily wins the confidence of others and understandably relates technical matters in lay terms.

Mark is a hands-on executive, always ready to take on difficult projects, tasks or problems. He utilizes patience and expertise to dive deep into a problem, understand issues and arrive at an optimal solution. Building can-do teams for the task at hand, Mark manages with a relentless drive for success.