Training FAQ's:

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Training Schedule:

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Frequently Asked Questions...
  Q: Who in our company should be trained?
  A: The person on your staff who will be training others in using and marketing the features of the system.
  Q: What will we get from the operator training?
  A: You will have the ability to fully operate all aspects of the system to produce and modify elegant, premium-quality career web portfolios for your executive and professional clients.
  Q: What about content development?
  A: Best practices in portfolio content development are included in the training.
  Q: What format will be used?
  A: Live classroom instruction with hands-on system interaction and lab exercises.
  Q: How do we register for training?
  A: Use the online registration form or call at 888-565-4627.
  Q: Where is the training held?
  A: training is held at the Boca Raton Bridge Resort.

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